Classes and consultations are available $50hourly in your home or VIA ZOOM $25 for breastfeeding, parenting and childbirth preparation at your convenience. Call or text 604.802.5563

  • Confidence, peace and pregnancy/breastfeeding enjoyment
  • Open and strong lines of communication with relationships
  • Knowledge and skills for labour, birth and breastfeeding
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Ongoing information, resources & support

    Who says breastfeeding is always easy? With over 29 years experience as a breastfeeding counsellor and infant educator I can help.
    Topics include (but are not limited to): latch, sore nipples, milk production, elimination, bathing, scheduling, thrush, colic, sleep routines, the first 3 months, growth spurts, teething, nutrition, attachment, baby wearing, normal breastfeeding and infant behaviours.